Morse code Generation with Fingers

My idea is to generate Morse Code with fingers. For more info check below links


Quora questions pair similarity

This is a problem statement taken from kaggle where we need to predict whether given pair of questions are duplicate or not. For more info click the link below

Multi-class emotion AI by reconstructing linguistic context of words

This project mainly concentrates on categorizing the tweet into multiple class and the probability of that class. We used many algorithms like Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision trees,(avg tf-idf,idf) word2vec and we got 89% accuracy with avg tf-idf word2vec and that is low because of fewer data. we used euclidian distance to calculate the similarity between statements and we assigned the same sentiment which have highest similarity value.

Machine learning flashcards action on Google assistant

Created a machine learning flashcards game on google assistant in two languages English and German. click below link for more information


Android Application ( KLEF FN )

Notification app to send college related and clubs related notifications to all students. This app also have study resources, e-login, website access, ERP, LMS.

hybrid cipher

Encryption algorithm with combination of Caesar cipher and Fibonacci series. Check the link below for more information